Couples Therapy

Therapy for couples experiencing difficulties with substance use and/or ADHD

If you feel that your relationship has entered an autumn, it doesn’t have to mean that a cold winter is coming. Give your relationship a new beginning and make the beauty of your autumn colours shine!

Substance use

Do you feel that your own substance use (alcohol, other drugs, non-prescribed medication or overuse of your prescribed medication) or that of your partner has changed your relationship? Maybe festivals, parties or relaxing together drinking or smoking weed used to be what gave you a sense of connection and familiarity, but now leads to frequent arguments and feelings of loneliness? Or maybe you keep your use secret from your partner and at the same time you ask yourself if this secret erodes your relationship? Do you find yourselves often in different and/or seemingly unpredictable mood swings? Do you argue about which behaviour under the influence is still “normal” or are your perceptions of your behaviour under the influence different? Do you have the impression that one of you drags the other into (more/unwanted) use?


Do you both or one of you have AD(H)D, and does this feel as a strain on your relationship? Do you often argue about differences in your ways of planning and organising, in punctuality, reliability, prioritising, sleep patterns? Do you argue about your definitions of chaos and order, about planning and spontaneity, about the the “right” work-life balance, over the procrastination of one of you? Do you find yourselves often in different and/or seemingly unpredictable mood swings?

Or do you experience both of these in your relationship?

I can help you to:

– give your relationship a new direction

– discover together what values are important to you NOW as individuals and as a couple

– discover what form do both of you want to give to these values and how to make space for the values you don’t share

– better communicate with each other

– better understand your own and your partner’s emotions and learn to regulate them together

– learn to use your own and your partner’s strengths in your home life rather than argue about differences

– develop a joint way of planning and organising that works well for you as a couple

– find a joint work-life balance that accommodates your different needs

– make changes in your substance use to strengthen your relationship.

Practical information:

→ Treatment courses: 10 sessions x 60 min/10 sessions x 90 min

→ Payment options:

Per session:

60 min €105

90 min €135

The whole course at once (10% discount):

10 sessions x 60 min €945

10 sessions x 90 min: €1215

Introductory/welcome session: €45

What is the difference between 60 and 90 min sessions?

In a long session you have more time to practice new techniques during the session, also there is more space to go deeper into the topics you find most relevant.

If you choose the 60 min sessions, it is important that you take even more time between sessions to practice.

If (one of) you wants to address both AD(H)D and substance use in the sessions, or one of you the AD(H)D and the other one the substance use, the 90 min sessions are recommended.

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