Couples Therapy

New in my practice – Therapy for couples experiencing difficulties with substance use and/or ADHD The story behind it and the practical info If you feel that your relationship has entered autumn, it does not have to mean that a cold winter is coming. Give your relationship a new beginning and let the beauty of … More Couples Therapy

Getting over my anxiety?

Why taking time to “get over my anxiety” is nonsense or what I learned from my figure skating coach as a psychologist

While preparing for my second ice skating test I once had a nasty fall and a brain concussion. […] Telling my coach: “I don’t want to do this exercise today, I need more time to get over my anxiety” was my attempt to avoid the anxiety, to fight against it… … More Getting over my anxiety?

Stop wanting to always be happy

All I want for Christmas is to stop wanting to always be happy

So often I hear people saying that they should always be happy, always perform well, and so on, and this is something about the messages that we get from everywhere is our society. Sometimes substance abuse of any kind is a way of entering a bubble where these things seem to be all true. Or at least a bubble where … More Stop wanting to always be happy

Anxiety and excitement

Anxiety and excitement are like the tail and the nose of a skateboard

There is something exciting and fulfilling about pushing through your limits, being bold and finding an expression of what you feel in your body. It goes well if you can bring some calm into the madness with enough sanity. If you can take the signals of your anxiety seriously when you are about to … More Anxiety and excitement

What’s worse

What’s worse: a ‘gambling problem’ or a ‘cocaine addiction’?

Someone once said to me: “I’d rather have a cocaine addiction than this gambling problem, because you can’t physically use that much cocaine to make you go bankrupt”. My first impulse was to explain him that this is not a great deal either, and to tell him about heavy cocaine users I met who wished … More What’s worse

Painting with mirrors

Painting with mirrors

For me therapy is often about holding a mirror in front of the client, a mirror which reflects an additional shade of their story inviting a rethink.
The story I hear, see and feel in front of me goes through the filters of my own perception and interpretation, sometimes through my own language skills, before coming back as a reflection to my client.
More Painting with mirrors