Painting with mirrors

Painting with mirrors

For me therapy is often about holding a mirror in front of the client, a mirror which reflects an additional shade of their story inviting a rethink.
The story I hear, see and feel in front of me goes through the filters of my own perception and interpretation, sometimes through my own language skills, before coming back as a reflection to my client.
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Boeiende tijden/Exciting times

De tijd is gekomen om de sprong te wagen en me uitsluitend op mijn eigen praktijk te richten!

The time has come to venture out and focus exclusively on my own private practice!

Als psycholoog heb ik jarenlang in een aantal landen en verschillende instellingen gestudeerd en gewerkt met cliënten die veranderingen wilden aanbrengen in hun middelengebruik of gokken, en bijkomende geestelijke of lichamelijke gezondheidsproblemen of andere levensproblemen wilden aanpakken. De focus lag echter altijd op drugs/gokken. … More Boeiende tijden/Exciting times

Our paper which nearly never happened is finally out!

Our paper which nearly never happened is finally out!

Most colleagues who knew that I was writing a research paper assumed that it was part of some academic degree or professional qualification. Most people who heard my talks about this research study at international conferences thought it was part of my job. But the truth is

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