Still happy


  • for those who want to reduce or stop with drinking, drug use and/or gambling
  • topics covered (selection):
    • current and desired drink/drug use/gambling pattern
    • behaviour change models
    • triggers and craving
    • organising thoughts in a helpful way
    • attachment to behaviour
    • alternative coping with life situations
    • emotional health
    • compensatory behaviours
    • party in a healthier way
  • contents adjusted to the relevant behaviours and goals

Introductory meeting: €45

Sessions: 60 min/90 min €85/€110

15% discount for the first 3 sessions*

free introductory meeting*


  • for those unsure if they want to make changes to drinking/drug use/gambling
  • topics discussed (selection):
    • current drink/drug use/gambling pattern
    • social en personal norms (how much is still ‘normal’?)
    • reasons for and functions of drink/use/gamble
    • financial, emotional, social and health-related costs and benefits
    • wanted and unwanted decision-making and behaviour under the influence
    • am I OK with my current behaviour? And if not what pattern would be OK for me?
  • contents adjusted to the relevant behaviours

Entire course: €300

20% discount*

* when booked and paid in advance before the end of January 2023