Privacy statement

This page is for visitors of my website. The privacy statement for clients can be found in section 6 of the Terms and conditions.

This website does not collect or store personal data unless you decide to contact me using the contact form or decide to leave a comment.
The site is being hosted on my behalf by, which is owned by Automattic Inc.

Cookies or comparable techniques

In general, the privacy statement and cookie policy of Automattic apply to the website. More specifically, the website uses the cookies which wordpress sites require to function correctly, and their tracking technique to count visitors to the site. This produces daily aggregated data about the number of visitors the country from which they visit, and the website from which they are coming. I also see the number of daily views for each page, and which links visitors click on the website, but not which visitor is viewing which site.
You can disable cookies in your browser entirely, install privacy-protecting browser add-ons or use other means to avoid tracking through cookies and otherwise. Although some parts of the website may not work correctly in this case, it will not prevent you from browsing the site.

I am not using any tracking social media widgets. If/when I use any social media widgets at all, e.g. on my blog posts, they do not use tracking unless you click on them. If you do, the privacy policy of the respective social media platform applies.

My blog posts

I often write on my blog about my practice and my research. If I use examples in my writing, they are are either combinations of different elements from different people or anonymized accounts of study participants who have consented to publishing their stories.

Links to third party websites

Any external links on this site are not covered by the terms in this document, and I am not responsible for content or security issues of the respective websites.