Methadone, IV use and crack


Methadone is used world-wide as a first choice treatment for opioid dependency, and higher doses are generally associated with higher rates of treatment retention, heroin abstinence and wider improvements in health and social life.

Research suggests that heroin use in methadone treatment is more common for dual users of heroin and crack/cocaine. In addition, more frequent intravenous (IV) use and poor technique increase the risk of health complications. Dual users injecting drugs might therefore be at higher risk of physical health deterioration even when accessing opiate substitution therapy.


To explore the physical health and heroin use of IV drug users in methadone treatment.

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Dr. Lynne Dawkins

Dr. Jenny Corless

Mary Bell MacLeod

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  • The Third European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, 23rd-25th October 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Addictions 2019

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  • The Annual conference of the Society for the Study of Addiction; 9th-10th November 2017, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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  • The 13th European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD) conference, 25th-27th May 2018