People’s views: Coming down?


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There’s two things I learned from this:

  1. It is so quick to think that speedballing (or smoking both drugs together) is special because heroin and crack are one hit all together – but even when taken together it’s the crack hitting the brain first.
  2. The ‘come down’ (after crack use) everyone talks about isn’t a coming DOWN, but going HIGH again in a different way.

Now look at this:

This is an exercise I once did in a therapy session with someone using crack and heroin, let’s call them Pat.

So I asked Pat:

Me: “If you drew your mood on this, how does it change when you smoke crack?”

Pat:”I get high first, it goes like this:


But 10 minutes later it feels something like this:”



Me: Oh, that doesn’t look like a nice way to feel! Is this when you start smoking the heroin?

Pat: Yes, I smoke it to help me to come down.

Me: So does your mood then come down like this?


Pat: Hm… not exactly, actually it goes more like this:



Me: That looks more like another high, don’t you think?


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