Qualitative study


The high prevalence of crack use among individuals accessing pharmacological treatment for heroin dependency has already been documented more than a decade ago, and it is still on the rise in the UK. Quantitative research studies have shown so far that dual users have worse treatment outcomes in opiate substitution therapy (OST) programmes compared to heroin-only users. Despite these promising results, no specific interventions have been proposed so far.

Nonetheless, practitioners in drug services might have developed successful strategies of working with this group of clients, and their experience could be a valuable resource to inform further research on patterns of heroin and crack use, and to help improving the general practice.


To explore the experience of substance misuse practitioners working with heroin and crack users.

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  • Second European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies 24th-26th October 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Addictions

  • The 13th European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD) conference, 25th-27th May 2018



Mary Bell MacLeod