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Emotions are an ever-changing landscape that we constantly try to remodel if we feel we can’t contain it, or if we want to explore new territory. Using mind-altering substances and other pleasurable behaviours have always been a way of doing it.

If you have a habit of drinking, using other drugs or gambling (or more than one of these habits) and you ask yourself if it’s really a problem, or you noticed that your habits have changed since something else has happened in your life and you just want to make sure they don’t get out of hand, or maybe you want to do it less, or maybe stop.

In either case, I could help you:

understand why you are doing it

understand how your habits are connected

→ explore the impact it has on your health and social life

→ work on any underlying issues (loneliness, frustration, (social) anxiety, life changes, and much more)

→ make lifestyle changes to prevent future health and social problems

drink/use/gamble less

→ quit all or only one your habits

Have a look below and get in touch:

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